CRYPTO FUD AND BITCOIN CRASHING! Real Reasons Why Bitcoin Crashed and Why It Will Happen Again

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Was this Bitcoin crash planned or is the bitcoin bull rush over

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00​ Hopium-Free Crash Reasons
00:58​ Market Cap Review, $1.5T
01:28​ NOT “The reason bitcoin is crashing”, Janet Yellen
02:22​ “This is the reason bitcoin (and the market) is crashing”, The Fed / Jerome Powell
05:08​ “The next reason bitcoin is crashing”, Nasdaq correction correlation
08:48​ YouTube is always repeating the same news… Nothing new - business as usual?
09:46​ Can the Bond Market, Stimulus and Inflation crash Bitcoin?
11:36​ The 18.6-Year Land Cycle - MARKET TOP Expected in ~2026
12:35​ My personal opinion of the best store of value and what happens leading up to a crash
13:21​ Final Thoughts + Cathie Wood, Ark Invests, bought $120 million of TSLA
14:13​ Flexible Mental Tips for Successful Investors (WATCH THIS)
15:15​ Where to from here for Bitcoin?
16:24​ Let’s go for 70,000 Subscribers! Plus Follow my Crypto Retirement Fund Portfolio ($210,000)

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