Making Red Dead Online Money By Sampling 10 Of Every Animal | RDR2 Online Naturalist (RDO)

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In the previous Red Dead Online Update we received the Naturalist Role. This RDR2 Online role opens up another way to hunt animals in Red Dead, instead of killing and skinning you can now sedate and sample.

Making Red Dead Online Money By Sampling 10 Of Every Animal | RDR2 Online Naturalist (RDO)

The biggest thing from the RDR2 Update was the RDR2 Legendary Animals and its easy to get caught up in this content because there are a total of 42 Legendary animals that you can either sedate & sample or kill & skin. The other way to make Red Dead Online money is by sedating and sampling the normal animals in RDO. With the naturalist there are 5 different animal categories, Farmland, Desert, Wetland, Mountain and Grassland and Forest & River. Each one of these has a number of animals which you need to collect. You collect by getting a sample, selling that sample to the RDR2 Online naturalist (Harriet Davenport), she will stamp the animal field book and once you've collected every animal, you can trade that category in for money.

I've challenged myself to get 10 (which is the max) of every red dead 2 online animal. This is difficult and time consuming because of the amount of animals in RDR 2 and how rare some of them are. This is a Red Dead Online how to make money video as I will be giving Red Dead Online tips to make money in the Red Dead Redemption 2 Naturalist but this was also a challenge for myself that I want to document. This should give good Red Dead Online Money just in time for the next Red Dead Update which is just around the corner and then after that, it won't be long until the next major RDR2 DLC, which will also require some RDR2 Money.

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