Screw It, Let's Chase the Money - Starsector 0.95a Update - Let's Play #17 - Legion XIV & Astral

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The Pirates are raiding my new colony, and just like my last Starsector series, it's a strong fleet. Do we make the same mistake in the 0.95a update and fight an unwinnable battle? Or do we take the coward's way out and look for profit elsewhere. The difference this time is that I'm hemorrhaging money instead of having numerous nanoforges to sell to get myself back on my feet. But it's just pirates. How bad can it be? How many mothballed ships do I have in my fleet again?

Starsector is a game where you get together a squad of spaceships and try to carve your own place out in the stars. Will you turn a profit from trade? Or how about shoot down some pirates to defend a fringe colony? Bounty hunting sound good, or how about becoming a pirate yourself and turning the tables? The galaxy is open to you, just be wary of any AI you might bump into along the way. Although this game is still in Alpha and in deep development, this is one of the greatest games I have ever played and I am very excited it won the viewer's choice selection. The mechanics are deep. The lore is interesting. And once you get your feet wet there are all sorts of mods out there to play with.

The only change from vanilla is that I went into the settings and changed the maximum deployment points from 400 to 700.

Screw It, Let's Chase the Money - Starsector 0.95a Update - Let's Play #17 - Legion XIV & Astral - Viewer's Choice - So Many NEW FEATURES! Contacts! Skill System! New Ships!

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