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Sink Again, how could you refuse a turn-based tactical pirate game that gives you a monkey for a crewmate? We'll square off against other pirates in this sort of TBT combat, sort of RPG, sort of Tycoon game.

We'll check out the Sink Again beginning with our small crew, small boat, and miniscule skill set and see if the Carribean is ready for our treasure hunting adventures.

Check out some Sink Again gameplay right here.

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Sink Again is a humorous pirate theme game of mixed genre: turn base tactics, dungeon crawler, battle ships.

The world of the game and dungeons are generated. So each of your adventure is unique.
Hire a crew from available in a tavern pirates. Each pirate has a speciality and set of traits. So choose wisely.

Explore the sea in a real time with your ship. Get a better ship to not sink to soon. If you sink - good luck next time :)
Trade the products in towns or rob trader ships. Explore dangerous dungeons full of traps and enemies. Get the best equipment and upgrade the ship to defeat the Kraken, Flying Dutchman and other dangerous creatures.

You can hunt treasures. Just find a treasure map and don't forget a shovel ;)
The best equiment, pirates, ships and traits are locked. Unlock it. But not with money. There is no such option :) Unlock the best things by completing scenarios!
Время - Деньги (игра)

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